What to expect

Your first visit will include a brief medical history and a discussion of your health needs and goals, recommendations from other health practitioners, and any questions or concerns that you may have.  This interview helps to identify the best massage approach for you, as well as any contraindicatons that may need to be observed.

Your massage is performed in a quiet, private room on a cushioned table.  Warm linens are used for draping at all times, and only the area being worked on is exposed.  You may choose to undress completely, or wear underwear during a full body massage.

Massage is generally performed using oil or lotion, according to your choice.  These lubricants will usually be absorbed into the skin, but you may choose to bring a change of clothing to wear after your session if this is a concern.

Communication is very important, not only during the initial interview, but during your session as well.  You are encouraged to provide feedback regarding your comfort, not only with the massage strokes, but also with the environment, including lighting, temperature, music preference and volume, etc.  You should immediately mention any discomfort that you may have, and feel free to communicate what feels good, or areas where you feel you need additional work.  Although additional conversation is unnecessary during a massage, some clients prefer to talk during their session.  It is up to you to choose the level of conversation that makes you feel the most comfortable.  "Letting go" is a key element in maximizing your benefits from your massage.  You may find that focusing on your breathing will help to relax your muscles, and help to release tension.

After your massage, you may want to take a few moments to absorb and mellow in the results.  It is also recommended that you drink extra water, to aid in the detoxification process and to replace fluids mobilized during your massage.  Most people will feel relaxed and alert following their session, and some report increased energy levels that can last for days.

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